Discreet Liaison Client Etiquette

To make your time with one of our gorgeous ladies as enjoyable as possible please read the following recommendations.

Please ensure you are freshly showered paying particular attention to your personal regions. Clean your teeth, especially if you have chosen a lady who kisses.

If you shave, please be freshly shaven. No scratchy prickly stubble, thank you!

Please ensure prompt payment (CASH ONLY) is made to the lady when she arrives.

There is a small call out fee of $50 (plus travel fee if applicable) if you decide not to go ahead with the appointment when the lady arrives or 15 minutes prior to the lady's arrival. Fortunately cancellations are a rare occurrence.

Condoms and Lubricant are supplied by the lady.

Don't hassle the lady for services she does not provide. It is OK to ask once but respect her answer and don't ask again. SAFE SEX ONLY. No, the lady does not provide natural services so don't even bother to ask!

Please ask our friendly mature minded receptionist on the phone if the lady will provide the service you require. Don't be shy, just ask and the appropriate lady can be sent. All ladies provide the basic service, anything other than that needs to be specified.

Five to ten minutes before appointment ends, the lady will need to shower and dress. The lady arrives clean and must leave clean. (Denying her a shower is not only rude but will have you blacklisted by our business). Please ensure you have a CLEAN towel for the lady to use. CLEAN means not used since it has been washed and not a towel that may have been used on the bed during the appointment or one that you have used only once.

An Escort provides her time on a strictly professional basis. Please don't insult the lady by asking her to stay longer without being paid! Nor will she accept a dinner date or outing where she is not being paid. This is her employment. Would you go to work and not be paid? And no, she can't spend the rest of the night with you for free just to sleep. She has her own bed and her own life to go home to.

The appointment is for you and the lady alone. Don't invite your mates to be there when you have an escort. Escort will leave immediately if friends of yours arrive and are not sent away. You will forfeit the rest of your time and we have a strictly NO REFUNDS policy.

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